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Yuba City aquires Sutter Theater Loans
Summary by Christopher Clark. Original story by Ryan McCarthy - Appeal Democrat  |  20-Apr-2011

The City Council for The City of Yuba City voted unanimously this week (April 19th) to buy the 248,000 dollar loan held by the nonprofit organization in charge of the renovating the once famed, and now dilapidated Sutter Theater.

The council concluded that the purchase using redevelopment funds was acceptable as it would be serving the purpose of remedying what many citizens feel is an eyesore in the City's newly renovated downtown shopping district.  The building that once housed the theater business operated by North American Cinemas has been closed to the public for nearly three years.  Even before it's closure, many citizens, including employees working at the Sutter Theater felt something should be done to renovate the 60 year old building.  More funds are expected to be needed for the three to five year renovation to be completed, but many are hopeful that offering a state of the art performing art venue with close historical ties to the City will help spur business growth in the downtown area.

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