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Appeal-Demcrat - Ashley Gebb  |  17-Oct-2010
Appeal-Democrat - Ashley Gebb  |  21-Dec-2010
Appeal-Democrat - Ashley Gebb  |  13-Oct-2010
Appeal-Democrat - Ashley Gebb  |  05-Oct-2010
Steven R. Jepsen, City Manager  |  04-May-2009

The City of Yuba City is pleased to announce the appointment of Darin Gale to fill the City's new Economic Development Manager position. His main priorities will include: supporting the retention and expansion of local businesses, encouraging new businesses and job development, establishing a gateway enhancement program to improve main travel corridors in the City, and serving as the ombudsman for key development projects in the City. In addition, Mr. Gale will serve as the liaison with local and regional business organizations to ensure or continued economic development efforts.


The California State University, Chico, Center for Economic Development has released its 2008 Economic and Demographic Profile for Sutter County. Related presentation materials from David Gallo, Ph.D., are attached for your information. Additional information on the Profile is available at


The Yuba City Economic Development Commission appoints its Chairman and Vice-Chairman

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