About Yuba City

While only minutes from the California State Capitol in Sacramento, Yuba City’s unique location benefits both businesses and residents and offers a quality, family-oriented lifestyle.  The Feather River borders the City to the East and the City's western horizon is dominated by the Sutter Buttes, popularly believed to be the smallest mountain range in the world.

The City has a diversity of businesses and professional services including the largest dried fruit processing plant in the world, Sunsweet Growers Incorporated.  Although Yuba City’s roots are agriculturally based, it’s location near the state capitol and Beale Air Force base have made it a regional hub attracting entrepreneurs, manufacturers and green technology companies.

In addition to Yuba Community College, a center of excellence, three universities are within an hour’s drive – UC Davis, Cal State Sacramento and Cal State Chico, each offering research and development, entrepreneur and innovation programs as well as numerous Venture Capital and Angel Capital funding institutions.

The very diverse population of Yuba City is a source of pride for its citizens.  The City hosts an annual Cultural Celebration to celebrate ethnic traditions and diversity through food, arts and music from around the region and the world.
The Punjabi population in the Yuba-Sutter area has grown to be one of the largest in the United States and one of the largest Sikh populations outside of India. Each year on the first Sunday of November, Sikhs throughout the world attend the Sikh parade in Yuba City.
The Bok Kai Temple across the Feather River in Marysville was established in 1854, five years after the first contingent of Chinese arrived in California to work in the gold mines. The current temple, built in 1880, remains the focus of the Chinese community and is the only one of its kind in the United States. The annual Bok Kai Festival hosts one of the oldest running parades in the country.
Economic Development:
The City is committed to economic development, guiding significant change as the economy shifts and transforms in California.   The City’s Economic Development Team includes city staff, planning, workforce development, financing and technical assistance.  

Our Economic Development Team is here to assist your company with the following:

    •    Expanding or moving your business to Yuba City
    •    California Enterprise Zone Tax Credit & Incentives
    •    Financing options
    •    Familiarization tours of the region
    •    Workforce and hiring training and options
    •    Connecting you with the multitude of resources available
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